Ivory Invest

Brand Design

Vienna got a new real estate company with Ivory Invest. Focusing on refurbishing and reselling gems in typical viennese areas or „Grätzels“.

The teams focus lies on not just selling a room, apartment or house but the lifestyle of the surroundings with it. The feliz - Nadja Brinskele brought me onboard to collaboratively create their Corporate and Webdesign.

Challenge and Approach

Since the team is based in Vienna and brokers apartments in charming viennese quarters we decided to go full-on „Vienna“ and created line-based illustrations of important landmarks of the Austrian capital city. The logo is in consequence minimalistic and set in a classic serif font. Representing the level of quality or even luxury their apartments offer. The main corporate colour is turquoise. If you look at Vienna from up-above you will notice why we chose this colour: Our beautifully coloured roofs.

For the website we created an animated city skyline. Special effect: It changes from day to night view when the sun goes down and back to day-view in the morning when dawn is breaking.

Map-Icons to mark the flats surroundings.


The Detailpage starts with a big feature image. Followed by detailed information through category icons on the main features and some descriptive text. In order to get a better idea of the neighbourhood we included a map with important surrounding markers.



In team with
the feliz – Nadja Brinskele

Manuel Matuzovic


Corporate Design, Illustrations,
Webdesign, Animation, Quality Assurance