Maria Lassnig Stiftung


Maria Lassnig is a well-known austrian contemporary artist. After her death in 2014 her foundation approached Lichtwitz and Leinfellner to design their website.

I was working in a team with the agency in order to best portray Lassnigs Life and Work.

Challenge and Approach

The biggest challenge we all faced was the interactive timeline on Lassnigs life and work.  Information, facts, quotes, paintings as well as personal photos were divided in 9 chapters. Those were colour coded according to Lassnigs style of painting at that given time. Visitors can scroll, drag or click through the extensive timeline on desktop as well as on touch tablets.

Insights and solution

It wasn’t too easy finding the right partner to code this site since it was a daunting and challenging task. We did find the right guys to work with!

We took special attention to details of the timeline such as displaying the paintings in ration to their actual size. This way the visitor gets a sense of how the size of the canvas grew bigger and bigger as Maria Lassnigs career advanced. Also, Images are lazy loaded for the site to load faster. The chapter titles are neatly animated when activated and always visible until being pushed out and replaced by the next chapter title.  Maria Lassnigs quotes are sprinkled across the timeline as well as being displayed on the homepage.

These small details, neat animations and interactions as well as the topic of the site itself made this one of my favourite projects I’ve ever worked on.


in team with
Lichtwitz Leinfellner Kultur AG

Sebastian Schally


Concept and Webdesign, Quality Assurance